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Bedsore Clinic Team

At this hospital, the Bedsore Prevention Committee was established in 2004 with the aim of the prevention and early treatment of bedsores and the quality improvement of bedsore medical care. The Committee comprises doctors, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, dental hygienists, and the Administration Office, the activities of which include bedsore prevention and reporting of occurrence status in the hospital, and case examination.
The Bedsore Clinic Team consists of doctors of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, nutritionists, dental hygienists, and certified nurses for wound, ostomy, and continence nursing. Using their specialties, each gives educational guidance to patients’ families and ward staff not only to provide local treatment, but also to provide total care for bedsore prevention and treatment.

Description of Activities

  • Rounds of Bedsore Clinic Team
    A once-a-week bedsore round is provided when doctors in charge make a request with a referral letter during hospitalization.
  • During rounds, we mainly conduct evaluations of preventive measures and management for bedsore occurrence, the condition assessment of bedsores and the guidance and advice for local treatment and care methods, conferences, and management guidance and advice at the time of transfer to other hospitals or home care.
  • In collaboration with other teams such as NST, we take measures for bedsore prevention treatment.


  • We have assigned several bedsore measures linking nurses, the Division of Nursing, to each ward to take measures for bedsore preventive treatment from the early stage.
  • Through Mutual Collaboration, Bedsore Measures Committee and Bedsore Link Nurse Association, the Division of Nursing has conducted a “Bedsore Prevention Campaign” once a year since 2012 and make efforts at enlightenment activities for bedsore prevention, as a place for education and information provision about bedsore preventive care to medical personnel in the hospital, inpatients’ families, and families who provide care at home.