Centers & Services

Division of Blood Transfusion

The Division of Blood Transfusion makes efforts towards practicing safe and appropriate blood transfusion therapy in the hospital and centralizes storage management of blood products for blood transfusion and autologous blood, including blood transfusion-related examinations (blood typing, etc.) Additionally, we collect, preserve, and manage cells for cell therapy, such as bone marrow transplantation and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.

Management System

The division consists of four doctors (including two doctors certified by the Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy), four laboratory technicians (including three technicians certified by the same society) and one nurse. To deal with blood transfusion out-of-hours, we station a laboratory technician for blood transfusion on night duty and support blood transfusion therapy 24 hours a day.

Management Policy

In blood transfusion and cell therapy, our basic principle is to perform medically appropriate blood transfusion and cell therapy based on the latest medical information, always putting safety first. Constructing a blood transfusion-related system in the hospital, we cooperate with each clinical department through the blood transfusion therapy committee and support to undertake safe and appropriate blood transfusion and cell therapy. Outside the hospital, we promote the improvement of blood transfusion therapy, making it more useful and safer through participation in a joint committee of blood transfusion therapy and mutual cooperation with blood centers. We would like to become capable of assuming a central role in blood transfusion and cell therapy within the prefecture as well as in the Chugoku–Shikoku area.

Main Facilities and Service Contents

  • Fully automated compatibility testing system (Auto Vue): We perform tests, such as blood typing, related to blood transfusion.
  • Patient confirmation system using mobile terminal (Fujitsu Ltd.): We perform collation and confirmation at the time of blood transfusion and blood collection to prevent patient mix-up.
  • Blood transfusion management system (BLAD): Connecting it with electronic medical records, we manage patient information (blood type, etc.) to prevent incompatible blood transfusion and the stock and the use of blood products in an integrated fashion.
  • Blood component separator (Spectra Optia, Cobe SPECTRA): We undertake cell collection and bone marrow concentration, including autologous and allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell collection, allogeneic lymphocyte, and granulocyte collection.
  • Blood irradiator (MBR-1520A-TW): To prevent side effects, GVHD, after blood transfusion, we perform X-ray irradiation on blood products.
  • Anti-HLA antibody test equipment (LABScan 100): We conduct examinations related to transplantation and platelet transfusion.
  • Sterile tubing welder (TSCD202): We prepare blood products for newborns and pediatric patients in small portions to be able to transfuse them several times safely.
  • Multipoint environmental monitoring system (RP Monitor EVO): For the quality control of blood products, we monitor the temperature in blood storing refrigerators intensively for blood transfusion in the hospital.
  • Negative pressure blood collector for blood bag (HEMO-QUIC): We perform autologous blood collection.