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Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction

Breast cancer treatment has been provided mainly by general surgeons. However, the progress of surgery and medication therapy in recent years has enabled the provision of a higher level of treatment to patients by separating specialties in each field. Particularly in surgery, in addition to conventional radical mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery, breast reconstruction has been performed to enhance the cosmetic results of breasts after surgery, which demands cooperation not only with breast surgeons, but also with plastic surgeons. However, because of the progress of medication therapy, even if breast cancer recurs by some chance, it can be treated stably for a long period of time. However, to that end, specialists are necessary to support patients who receive long-term treatment in various aspects. They include certified nurses and clinical nurse specialists (breast cancer chemotherapy, liaison, etc.), physical therapists /occupational therapists (in charge of rehabilitation), psychiatrists, and palliative specialist doctors. We opened the Center in April 2008 for the purpose that every specialist involved in breast cancer treatment closely collaborates to provide good medical care smoothly to patients.

Management System

Head: Professor Hiroyoshi Doihara (Breast and Endocrine Surgery)
Vice-head: Professor Yoshihiro Kimata (Plastic Surgery), Professor Junji Matsuoka (Palliative and Supportive Care, Professor Norihito Yamada (Neuropsychiatry), and Yuko Tsuyumu (Certified Nurse in Breast Cancer Nursing)

<Constituent Clinical Divisions>

Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neuropsychiatry, and Palliative and Supportive Care

<Medical Staff>

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dental hygienists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical technologists, radiological technologists, and CRCs

Management Policy

We aim to provide a higher level of medical care to patients by specialists involved in breast cancer treatment through their close collaboration. We strive to provide the best care by sharing problems and information not only through collaboration in routine medical care, but also through regular conferences.
Surgery: In addition to conventional breast-conserving surgery, we perform breast reconstruction in cooperation with Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, specialist physical therapists and occupational therapists take charge of rehabilitation for early return to society after surgery and prevention of late complications. Medication therapy: To deliver the latest drugs to patients safely, specialist doctors provide treatment in collaboration with certified nurses and clinical nurse specialists.
We perform anti-cancer drug administration at the outpatient clinic by collaborating with the Cancer Center.
Supportive therapy: Clinical nurse specialists, and neuropsychiatry and palliative specialist doctors offer help for side effects and anxiety during medication therapy or pain in recurrent treatment according to needs.

<Human Resources Development and Enlightenment Activities>

To develop breast cancer treatment in the region, we provide education and training to staff, as well as holding a lecture that is open to the public once a year to spread knowledge of breast cancer to local residents.