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Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach that aims at the early return to society of patients with acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, or after cardiac surgery, as well as at prevention of recurrence. It is not only for shortening hospital stay, but also for life after returning to society.
Additionally, it is often reported that life prognosis is improved by undergoing cardiac rehabilitation. In the guidelines for heart diseases, it is described as a central role of treatment.

Description of Activities

To support a comprehensive approach, we cooperate not only with doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, but also with registered dietitians, pharmacists, and clinical psychologists and provide appropriate evaluation and guidance to patients based on professional perspectives.


A few medical teams are broadly involved with patients from acute to chronic phases.
Our team places importance particularly on comprehensive guidance and gives detailed guidance according to the conditions of patients. If possible, we ask patients to visit cardiac rehabilitation at the outpatient clinic after discharge and try to practice prevention of occurrence.
At conferences, not only do we simply evaluate the current situation; we also consider responses, including returning to participation in society and everyday life after discharge, and take appropriate measures.
We analyze results and data of activities each year. Not only doctors, but also nurses and physical therapists make presentations at conferences of various societies. Additionally, we try to raise the level of the team as a whole by encouraging medical staff to obtain qualifications as Registered Instructors of Cardiac Rehabilitation.