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Center of Active Research and Education for Nurses,Okayama University Hospital(CAREN)

The Nursing Research and Education Center aims to contribute to the enrichment and development of nursing research and education at Okayama University Hospital (hereinafter, the “hospital”) through organizational research and education for nurses to develop practical nursing ability in collaboration with Division of Nursing at the hospital and the Graduate School of Health Sciences. This department has the mission of creating evidence-based nursing care and a philosophy to develop human resources with high capability for clinical judgment, ability to search for problems independently, and ability to take action autonomously, and to develop professionals who can contribute to patients and families of the region through nursing performed collaboratively at the medical site and at educational institutions.

Management System

The Center has just started regular meetings with Division of Nursing and Graduate School of Health Sciences to discuss management.

Management Policy

  • Research
    With the aim of improving nursing care quality, we undertake research activities and research support to construct new evidence. In addition, in collaboration with other professions and facilities, we develop human resources who broadly disseminate the usefulness of nursing care at home and abroad.
  • Education
    We develop human resources who continue to polish appropriate nursing skills and high clinical judgmental ability as nursing professionals and who are active as leaders with the ability to take action autonomously.
  • Regional contribution
    To enable nursing to continue in the community and to enable people to live in the community with ease, we strive to enhance collaboration to establish a base for mutual growth. Furthermore, we serve in our important role in the region as Okayama University Hospital.