Centers & Services

Clinical Cancer Center

This central clinical department was established in October 2006 in the Ambulatory Chemotherapy Room on the fourth floor of the Outpatient Clinic to provide comprehensive cancer treatment that is not limited by the boundaries of clinical divisions, which is required in the Designated Cancer Care Hospitals (Okayama University Hospital is approved on August 24, 2006).
The Cancer Control Act, which came into force in 2006, states that it aims at “creating a system that enables cancer patients receiving scientific advanced cancer care without prejudice no matter where people live.” The Clinical Cancer Center makes efforts to improve cancer treatment in the hospital with support from clinical divisions. Additionally, we make it our mission to contribute to the elimination of disparities in cancer care in the region as a core hospital of cancer treatment collaboration that supports designated regional cancer hospitals in Okayama Prefecture and to construct a collaborative system for continuous regional cancer treatment.

Management System

The Center includes four sections of Chemotherapy, Training and Education, Cancer Registry, and Cancer Consultation Support, and Cancer Board, Palliative Care Team. Holding meetings in each section, we organize a system to facilitate further collaboration among sections.

Management Policy

Cancer specialist such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, medical social workers, clinical psychologists, and dental hygienists etc. form a team of cancer care professionals with the aim of providing “reliable and high-quality cancer care.”

Main Services

To be available safely to patients of all clinical divisions, we improve and manage the Ambulatory Chemotherapy Room, standardize chemotherapy protocols, and strive to improve the quality of cancer treatment in the hospital through support for comprehensive medicine by Palliative Care Team.
We also support cancer consultation, provide second opinions, educate medical care professionals in the region, and promote the cancer registry as the Designated Regional Cancer Hospitals in Okayama Prefecture.