Centers & Services

Dental Laboratory Division

The Dental Laboratory Division is the division in charge of “making things related to living body,” which makes restorations and prostheses (e.g., veneer crown, bridge, plate denture, maxillo-facial prosthesis) in dentistry, implants, facial prostheses, and 3D life-size models of internal organs.

Management System

The “Division of Dental Laboratory for Medical Staff” is used by dentists, as well as the “Division of Dental Laboratory for Technicians,” where dental technicians work.

Management Policy

The “Division of Dental Laboratory for Technicians” collectively manages “producing objects related to the living body” such as technical materials (including orthodontic and other appliances), except for objects that dentists make on their own in the “Division of Dental Laboratory for Medical Staff”, and support diagnosis and treatment in the most efficient manner, including high quality, stable supply, and the development of technology.

Description of Main Services

  • Creation of 3D life-size models of internal organs (the material quality is special plaster): Generating 3D shape data from the data obtained by CT or MRI, we create 3D models for medical care (grasping anatomical positional relationships and disease states, approach at the time of surgery, production of internal fixation devices before surgery, and the improvement of surgical precision) at high speed and with high precision using a special printer (rapid-prototyping technology).
  • Production of implant technical materials: Artificial teeth for natural teeth and implants such as ceramics are produced using CAD/ CAM (aesthetic prosthodontic treatment).
  • Production of sleep splints: Appliances using Herbst (special metal fittings) and resin base are produced (treatment for sleep apnea syndrome).