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Department of Radiology

What is Radiology?

Department of Radiology specializes in various imaging examination methods including radiography, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine, providing radiation therapy and less-invasive treatment using interventional radiology (IR).

Our physicians

Chairman, Department of Radiology

Susumu Kanazawa, Professor
[Diagnostic radiology, IR]


Takao Hiraki Associate Professor Diagnostic radiology, IR
Kuniaki Katsui Associate Professor (Proton beam therapy outpatient) Radiotherapy, Proton beam therapy
Toshihiro Iguchi Lecturer (Radiology division) Diagnostic radiology, IR
Hiroyasu Fujiwara Lecturer Diagnostic radiology, IR
Norihisa Katayama Lecturer Radiotherapy
Takayoshi Shinya Lecturer (Pediatric Radiology Department) Diagnostic radiology, Nuclear medicine
Akihiro Tada Assistant Professor Diagnostic radiology
Yusuke Matsui Assistant Professor Diagnostic radiology, IR
Yoshihisa Masaoka Assistant Professor (Radiology division) Diagnostic radiology, IR
Ryota Inai Assistant Professor Diagnostic radiology
Hiroki Ihara Assistant Professor (Proton beam therapy outpatient) Radiotherapy, Proton beam therapy
Takashi Tanaka Assistant Professor Diagnostic radiology
Hideo Gobara Professor (Division of Medical Informatics) Diagnostic radiology, IR
Jun Sakurai Lecturer (Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine) Diagnostic radiology, IR
Mayu Uka Assistant Professor (Center for Graduate Medical Education) Diagnostic radiology, IVR

*Specialty shown in [ ]

IR outpatients (Imaging-guided treatment) (Appointment in advance is required.)

Clinic hours Monday Tuseday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Hideo Gobara Professor (IR in general) Toshihiro Iguchi Lecturer (IR in general) Yasuhiro Fujiwara Lecturer (Vascular malformation) (IR in general) Susumu Kanazawa Professor
Yusuke Matsui Assistant Professor (IR in general)
Takao Hiraki Associate Professor (IR in general)

Radiotherapy outpatients (Appointment in advance is required.)

Clinic hours Monday Tuseday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning・afternoon Kuniaki Katsui Associate professor

Norihisa Katayama Lecturer

Hiroki Ihara Assistant professor
Kuniaki Katsui Associate professor

Hiroki Ihara Assistant professor
Kuniaki Katsui Associate professor

Norihisa Katayama Lecturer

Hiroki Ihara Assistant professor
Masahiro Kuroda Professor

Norihisa Katayama Lecturer
Kuniaki Katsui Associate professor

Norihisa Katayama Lecturer

★Lacteal gland outpatient service is only provided on Thursday.

Ultrasound and GI tract radiography outpatients (An appointment in advance is required.)

Clinic hours Monday Tuseday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Ultrasound outpatient GI tract radiography outpatient Ultrasound outpatient GI tract radiography outpatient Ultrasound outpatient

※General diagnostic imaging (CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine) is performed quickly as needed.

Treatment systems

Approximately 20 physicians, provide various medical services includingdiagnositic radiology, and IR. Outpatient services of radiotherapy and IR for first-visit patients are performed every weekday morning.

Treatment policy

Using knowledge and techniques of diagnostic imaging, we provide patient-friendly and less-invasive therapy using radiotherapy and IR.


  • Imaging-guided less-invasive treatment of malignant tumors including lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and bone tumors
  • Sclerotherapy to vascular malformation

Target diseases

  • Diagnostic radiology: any disease involving structural and functional abnormality that can be visualized by imaging modality
  • Radiotherapy division: brain tumor, head and neck tumor, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, thyroid gland cancer, bile duct cancer, prostatic cancer, uterine cervical cancer, metastatic bone tumor, etc.
  • Arterial embolization: hepatocellular carcinoma, severe bleeding, etc.
  • Ablation: primary and metastatic lung cancer, primary, and metastatic hepatic cancer, renal cancer, etc.

Description of medical care

Outpatient clinic services covering almost all the fields of clinical radiology are provided every day (morning and afternoon) on weekdays.
Diagnostic radiology division: GI tract radiography, plain radiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, interventional radiology (IR), and mammography

  • Radiotherapy division: external and internal beam radiation therapies

Upper GI tract radiography, plain radiography are performed on every weekday, requiring no appointment. Other diagnostic examinations require an appointment in advance. As for IR, and radiotherapy, the application will be considered after a patient is referred.
This department has beds for inpatients, performing inpatient examination and treatment mainly for patients who receive IR and radiotherapy. This department also has specialized rooms for radioisotope internal therapy.

  • Proton beam therapy outpatient

About the proton beam therapy, we perform preparations before the treatment, a medical examination, the introduction to Tsuyama Chuo Hospital, a periodical medical examination after the treatment in cooperation with attending physician and in-hospital section.
We accept an email about consultation from the attending physician such as the adaptation of proton beam therapy. As for the consultation from a patient, call the Tsuyama Chuo Hospital proton beam treatment outpatient department (0868-21-8150).
Please refer to the homepage of the Tsuyama Chuo Hospital for the details of the proton beam therapy. I would like CT examinations and PET before consultation. In addition, according to the types of disease and the medical condition, proton beam therapy may be given at a patient’s own expense.

For Outpatient visits

Although we have many patients who have been referred by other departments in this hospital, we welcome the patients with referrals from other hospitals.

IR outpatient

Specialized outpatient services are provided every morning on weekdays. Visiting patients are referred from allover the country. We see the patients if the referrals include requested examination and therapy clearly.

Radiotherapy outpatient

If you are referred by any other hospital, please take a moment to call the General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms) before visiting this department: Tel.: 086-235-7205 and Fax: 086-235-6761; Web:

  • Please call the General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms) before visiting us if you are referred by any other hospital to the lacteal gland outpatient on Thursday (by advance appointment only). Please apply for "the lacteal gland outpatient, radiotherapy division" in the Department of Radiology on MUSCAT if you are referred by other departments in this hospital.

You must expect to wait to see a doctor for a long time if you are a first-visit outpatient from another hospitals without an appointment in advance. Furthermore, it is difficult to prepare to provide radiotherapy within the day.
Please refrain from referring a patient to the lacteal gland outpatient service, except on Thursday.
On the consultation day, please bring a clinical history, pathological findings, photographs includingimaging (other media such as CD-R are acceptable), blood test results, and operative notes (in postoperative irradiation) with you.
(We cannot prepare to provide any treatment if the necessary information is insufficient.)

For first-visit outpatients

☆About appointments

Your appointment is made by your doctor to the General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms). You cannot make an appointment by yourself.
General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms)
When you visit us, please bring a referral from your doctor and films (CD-ROM) with you.
You should expect to wait a long time for consultation if you come with no referral.
For more information, please call or e-mail the medical office of the Department of Radiology: 086-235-7313 or

Highly advanced and specialized medical treatments

Techniques covered by health insurance programs

  • Stereotactic radiation therapy to the brain, lungs, and liver
  • Intensity modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer
  • HDR sealed source radiotherapy with Ir-192RALS to lung cancer, bile duct cancer, esophageal cancer, etc.
  • High-volume radioisotope internal therapy to metastatic tumors of thyroid cancer
  • Sealed source radiotherapy with I-125 to prostate cancer
  • Labeled leukocyte scintigraphy with IN-111
  • Cryotherapy to kidney malignant tumors

Technology regarded as highly advanced medical treatment

  • Sentinel lymph node searching for breast cancer/malignant melanoma

Techniques performed as medical treatments conducted at a patient's own expense

  • Radiofrequency ablation to chest malignancy
  • Radiofrequency ablation to kidney malignancy
  • Sclerotherapy to vascular malformations
  • Radiofrequency ablation to osteoid osteoma

Main methods for testing and explanation

  • Diagnostic imaging/ plain x-ray, CT, MRI, mammography, abdominal and neck ultrasonography, upper and lower GI tract radiography
  • Nuclear medicine/ bone scintigraphy, tumor/inflammation scintigraphy, cerebral blood flow SPECT, myocardial blood flow SPECT, lung ventilation/blood flow scintigraphy, liver scintigraphy, renogram, etc.
  • Angiography/vascular system: arterial embolization to hepatocellular carcinoma and massive bleeding, reservoire/ central venous port placement, angioplasty, stent placement, etc.
    Non-vascular system: radiofrequency ablation, CT-guided biopsy to lungs/bones, cryoablationtherapy, percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage, etc.