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Department of Anatomic Pathology / Department of Pathology

What is Department of Anatomic Pathology / Department of Pathology?

Department of Anatomic Pathology / Department of Pathology performs anatomic pathology mainly by microscopic observation of cells and tissues collected or resected from patients.

Our physicians

Director, Department of Anatomic Pathology

Hiroyuki Yanai, Professor
[General, gynecology and genitourinary]

Director, Department of Pathology

Tadashi Yoshino, Professor (Tumor pathology)
[General, lymphoma, and IgG4 related disease]


Takehiro Tanaka Assistant Professor [General, Gltract and Transplantation]
Noriyuki Tanaka Assistant Professor [General, Pancreaticobiliary and Respiratory]
Tomohiro Toji Assistant Professor [General]
Akihiro Matsukawa Professor (Immunopathology) [General]
Hitoshi Nagatsuka Professor (Oral pathology) [Oral pathology]
Yasuharu Sato Professor (Health Science) [General, Lymphoma and IgG4 related diseases]
Keisuke Nakano Associate Professor (Oral pathology) [Oral pathology]
Masayoshi Fujisawa Assistant Professor (Immunopathology) [General]
Mai Takeuchi Assistant Professor (Tumor pathology) [General, Lymphoma and IgG4 related diseases]
Eiko Hayashi Assistant Professor (Tumor pathology) [General, Lymphoma]
Takuro Igawa Assistant Professor (Tumor pathology) [General, Lymphoma]

*Specialty shown in [ ]


Pathological diagnosis is performed by 3 pathologists (staffs of hospital), 5 assistant pathologists, and 7 pathologists belonging graduate school. Ten medical technologists work in our department and 7 of them are board certified cytotechnologists.
Autopsy is performed mainly by pathologists and 2 assistants of graduate school.


Pathologists of our department are not only familiar with general pathology, but have own subspecialty to provide high-level diagnosis for several organ systems. For difficult cases, consultation to the specialists outside our hospital are ordered. Medical technologists provide high-quality specimens and accurate cytological examination. Research and education of students, pathologists and medical technologists are also our important missions.


Department of Diagnostic Pathology perform histological and cytological diagnosis, intraoperative consultation and autopsy. We review the pathological diagnosis of our patients that made another institutes.

Histology: Resected tissues are sliced to be observed and diagnosed with a microscope. Search by immunostaining and electron microscopy to examine tissue appearance in detail is also performed. Tests for hormone receptor and Her2 protein in breast cancer are used for the determination of examination policy.

Cytology: The presence or absence of malignant cells is judged using cells collected by paracentesis, scraping, etc. as samples. In our department, cytotechnologists perform screening. If malignancy is suspected, judgment by certified cytologists is performed. In some cases, cytotechnologists attend cell sampling to improve the accuracy of judgment.

Intraoperative consultation: Frozen tissue samples are prepared during surgical operation to facilitate the determination of the policy for the operation technology.

Pathological autopsy: Pathological autopsy is performed for patients who unfortunately died of disease to identify the cause of death and to assess therapeutic effects.