Centers & Services

Division of Clinical Dietary

The Division works on patients’ nutritional management and meal service management. We provide guidance for diet therapy for ailments such as diabetes and kidney diseases, with consultation on meals before and after surgery, consultation when losing appetite at the time of chemotherapy, and consultation on measures for under nutrition. It is also the division to work with the entrusted Sekizenkai Medical Food Center to make treatment more efficient by providing hygienically safe meals to patients according to their condition.

Management System

  • Director: Professor Kenichi Shikata (Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine)
  • Vice-director: Yasuhiro Shirakawa (Doctor of Gastroenterological Surgery), Yuko Hasegawa (Director of Clinical Dietary Office)
  • Seven registered diet professionals
  • Qualifications: 5 Certified Diabetes Educators of Japan, 4 Certified Expert Registered Dietitians, 3 JSPEN Certificated Dietitians in Nutritional support, and 1 Certified Specialist of Registered Dietitian for Cancers

Management Policy

The Division is managed in conformity to HACCP.
We perform nutritional management contributing to treatment and provide therapeutic diets.
We think about diet therapy which can be continued at home together with patients and their families.

Team Medicine

They take part in teams, such as diabetes conferences, bedsore clinic team, NST, dysphagia, PERIO, and palliative care, hepatitis support team and work with them from a nutritional management aspect. We contribute to education by providing NST training to people from outside the hospital, in addition to providing practical training to university students taking registered dietitian courses.