Centers & Services

Division of Radiology

The Division of Radiology centralizes diagnostic imaging apparatus, interventional radiology (IR), and radiation therapy equipment to perform efficient imaging study, image diagnosis, image guided treatment, and radiation therapy.

Management Structure

The Division comprises some sections, the diagnosis section performing examinations for images such as CT, MRI, and X-ray photography, the radiation therapy section curing for various malignant tumors, and the IR section which conducting minimally invasive treatment for the tumors and cardiovascular diseases.

Management Policy

The imaging diagnosis section aims to provide the best imaging information using the best medical instruments to help patients be diagnosed and treated. The radiation therapy and the IR section dedicates patients minimally invasive examination and treatment. We aim at achieving further curative effects whether we are equal to an operation.

Main Examinations and Medical Facilities

Four superconducting MRIs (three, 3.0T; one, 1.5T; Siemens AG / one, / one, 1.2T; Hitachi Medical Corp.), five multislice CTs (one, 320-detector row; Toshiba Medical Systems Corp./one, ultra high resolution 160-derector row; Toshiba Medical Systems Corp./ one, 64-detector row; Toshiba Medical Systems Corp./ one, Dual-energy; Siemens AG/ one, Dual-energy; GE Healthcare), five sets of angiography equipment, two IR-CTs, one set of hybrid angiography equipment, three linac radiotherapy devices (two of which can provide stereotactic radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy), one high-dose rate remote internal irradiation device, one CT for radiotherapy planning, and imaging diagnosis equipment (digital X-ray equipment, digital mammography equipment, bone-density measurement, etc.)