Centers & Services

Endocrine Center

This center was established in September 2006 to make the process from diagnosis to treatment more accurate and quicker by engaging clinical divisions in the treatment of endocrine diseases and facilitating their sharing of information beyond the boundaries of internal medicine and surgery.

Management System

The Center consists of sections of internal medicine and those of surgery. The sections of internal medicine consist of the Endocrinology staff and the sections of surgery Breast and Endocrine Surgery staff. As the base for Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Ward (7F West), we undertake the day-to-day diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases.

Management Policy

We aim at providing appropriate diagnosis and treatment to endocrine disease patients by sharing medical information related to endocrine diseases through collaboration among clinical divisions engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases. We also strive to contribute to the improvement of comprehensive education and research related to endocrine diseases and the enhancement and development of regional medicine. Under the guidance of the Hospital Director, the Endocrine Center is managed through consultation among the people responsible for each section in cooperation with each related clinical division.

Features of the Endocrine Center

By unifying the windows to diagnose and treat endocrine diseases (e.g., thyroid, parathyroid, breast, adrenal, and hypophysis) in the hospital, we would like to enhance the collaboration with medical facilities outside the hospital and contribute to enhancement and development of regional medicine further. The Endocrine Center conference is held on a regular basis. There, opinions related to diagnosis and treatment guidelines are integrated in conjunction with the divisions of internal medicine and surgery. In addition, the Center functions as an education system for residents, endocrine specialist residents, and breast specialist residents.