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Department of General Medicine

What is General Medicine?

For patients who have multiple illnesses in areas overlapping several special departments of internal medicine such that we cannot ascertain which department they should visit, we provide widely diverse types of care, including holistic evaluations and immediate early treatments as needed. When we can ascertain the appropriate department for each patient, we will refer the patient to it. However, we provide care for patients requiring general medical diagnoses and treatments.

Our Physicians

Director, General Medicine Department

Fumio Otsuka, Professor


Eisei Kondo Lecturer Nobuchiika Kusano Professor (Infectious disease medicine)
Mikako Obika Assistant professor Hitomi Kataoka Professor (Department of Primary Care and Medical Education,Okayama University.)
Yoshihisa Hanayama Assistant professor Masayuki Kishida Guest professor (Alliance graduate school, Practical Core of General Medicine)
Kammei Rai Assistant professor Keigo Ueda Associate professor (Department of General Medicine, Tamano Division)
Shigeru Horiguchi Assistant professor Hiroko Ogawa Associate professor (Department of General Medicine, Kasaoka Division)
Takahiro Nada Assistant professor Nobuharu Fujii Lecturer (Blood transfusion department)
Noriko Harada Medical staff Makiko Taniyama Lecturer (Department of General Medicine, Tamano Division)
Yoko Yukawa Medical staff Tomoko Miyoshi Assistant professor (Center for the Development of Medical and Health Care Education)
Akiko Nakamichi Medical staff Asuka Sato Assistant professor (Postgraduate clinical training center)
Kou Hasegawa Medical staff Yusaku Sugihara Assistant professor (Depaetment of General Medicine, Kasaoka Division)
Miho Yasuda Medical staff Yu Suganami Medical staff  
Daisuke Omura Medical staff Hiroyuki Honda Medical staff  
Kousuke Oka Medical staff Jun Hamahara Medical staff  
Yoshito Nishimura Resident Mari Shiina Registered medical doctor  
Yasuhiro Nakano Resident Kikuko Asano Registered medical doctor  
Satoko Nagao Resident Kazuki Ocho Registered medical doctor  
Takao Tsuzuki Lecturer Shunjirou Ishikawa Registered medical doctor  
Koichi Waseda Lecturer Naruhiko Sunada Registered medical doctor  
Hirotaka Ebara Lecturer      
Kousuke Kimura Lecturer      
Hideharu Hagiya Lecturer      

Outpatient Physician

Monday Tuseday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 - 12:00 a.m. Attending physicians Attending physicians Attending physicians Attending physicians Attending physicians
13:00 - 16:00 p.m. By appointment only By appointment only By appointment only By appointment only By appointment only

★For more information, please refer to the weekly schedule of outpatient physicians on the hospital's website.

Treatment system

Two physicians with residents and medical students provide outpatient clinical service every morning. Clinical hours in the afternoon are assigned for patients who have made an appointment in advance.

Treatment policy

Aiming not only to "cure disease" but also to "treat a patient" using medicine comprehensively, the staff members work together to provide medical care and to improve the patient quality of life. To choose the optimal treatment policy of each patient, the detailed history and lifestyle is recorded. A physical exam, blood tests, and other examinations are conducted as needed at the initial consultation.


Benefitting from staff members' specialized viewpoints of endocrine/metabolism, digestive, and infectious diseases, the department provides general and comprehensive medical treatment.

Scope of Target diseases

When the optimal department for a patient with multiple diseases, which are to be treated in areas overlapping specialized departments, cannot be decided, the patient symptoms, such as unexplained fever requiring rapid response, often include many internal diseases. The department therefore provides widely diverse medical care including treatments of life-style diseases to secondary evaluation of health check, in close collaboration with each specialized department.

Description of medical care

We are in charge of providing treatments of general internal medicine while remaining mindful of the following points: (1) medical care from wide viewpoints of general internal medicine; (2) ability to respond first to various symptoms and pathological conditions; (3) consciousness of patient background (such as their families and communities); (4) a comprehensive view including preventive medicine; (5) a sense of balance of this department with those of specialized treatments (subspecialty).

Highly advanced/special medical treatments

Because the department targets internal diseases of widely diverse types, it does not provide individualistic advanced and specialized treatments.

Main methods for testing and explanation

  • Careful medical consultation and interview
  • Biochemical examination of blood (endocrine and metabolism tests, immune/antibody test, etc.)
  • Physiological function examinations (electrocardiographic/respiratory tests, etc.)
  • Imaging diagnostics (ultrasonography/x-ray, CT/MRI/scintigraphy, etc.)
  • Endoscopy (upper and lower endoscopy, etc.)

Main testing methods and medical equipment

In cooperation with departments dealing with internal organs, the department makes proper use of facilities for specialized examinations and treatments. Moreover, the department is in charge of accepting students of postgraduate clinical training of internal medicine. Therefore, residents provide outpatient clinical service as part of education. Some of them are also in charge of inpatient clinical service as secondary attending physicians. The educational system is consolidated by staff members and attending physicians to make efforts to exchange information smoothly and to respond rapidly to any eventuality.