Centers & Services

Center for Graduate Medical Education

Postgraduate clinical training became compulsory for doctors in 2004 and for dentists in 2006. Postgraduate Clinical Training Center undertakes services including the recruitment of residents and dental residents, the decision of rotation, the liaison and coordination with affiliated hospitals, and the creation and provision of programs.

Medical Training Section

Along with teaching the role that we should play in the university hospital, a clinical site where advanced medical care and team medicine are widely practiced, the Medical Training Section provides training with emphasis on primary care in collaboration with more than 100 cooperating hospitals. We also aim to nurture doctors who turn their attention from the region to the world, having lectures in everyday clinical practice by doctors in the hospital and talks by eminent doctors from domestic and foreign hospitals. To enable the center to be used as a place not only for initial training, but also for resident training, we maintain close contact with doctors with the coordinator’s role in each division and strive to conduct better training.

Dental Training Section

The Dental Training Section mainly provides general dental clinical training. Concurrently, it implements training in every dental division. To master basic diagnostic and treatment capabilities (attitude, skills, and knowledge) required for patient-oriented comprehensive dental treatment which is the aim of the clinical training, we offer various programs such as combined programs, including independent-type programs in this hospital and collaborating externalhospital or private practice. In the training, four full-time instructors take a central role and are in charge of guidance and support of diagnosis and treatment, as well as providing reflection and awareness education by using electronic portfolio. We also offer simulation exercises, conferences, and immediate cardiac life support (ICLS) course as needed.