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Head and Neck Cancer Center

The head and neck is a region associated with the most important functions, such as speech, eating, breathing, and appearance, in the functions that human beings need to live. The head and neck cancer (cancer of tongue, throat, jaw, nose, ear, etc.) developed in this area severely impairs these functions. Therefore, the treatment requires a wide variety of multidisciplinary expertise to maintain life after surgery while searching for a complete cure for cancer. The feature of the Center is to practice team medicine consistently beyond the boundaries of clinical divisions involving areas such as Medicine, Dentistry, the Division of Nursing, and other health professionals, which is the first in national university hospitals. We established the Center in April 2012 and have a window to the Center at the outpatient clinic of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

Management System

Director: Professor Yoshihiro Kimata (Plastic Surgery)
Vice-Director: Assistant Professor Tomoo Onoda (Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery)
Vice-Director: Professor Junichi Asaumi (Oral Radiology)
Deputy-Director: Lecturer Nobuyoshi Mizukawa (Oral Reconstructive Surgery)
West-10 Head Nurse: Head Nurse Tomomi Kajikiyo

Management Policy

We aim to provide the highest level of medical care by every specialist involved in head and neck cancer treatment, closely collaborating and practicing team medicine. Not only do we have collaboration between individual staff members in routine medical care, we also have a regular conference once a week to share problems and information. The Center is not a so-called vertical organization, but a horizontal organization, one features of which is a conference at which any staff member can speak freely beyond the boundaries of clinical divisions or departments. We earnestly strive to provide the best medical care, assigning the highest priority to patients.