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ICU Oral Care Round Team

Although the team is not an official organization of the hospital, dentists of the Hospital Dentistry (which is a treatment section assuming the dentistry side of reception work for medical liaison in the hospital) and dental hygienists in charge of the Division of Dental Hygiene formed a team to make oral care rounds of ICUs.

Description of Activities

In ICUs, nurses provide extremely active oral care as part of routine nursing care. The ICU Oral Care Round Team conducts activities to contribute to higher quality intensive treatment using the specialties of nursing and dentistry and contributing to the provision of better oral care. As well as making rounds once a week, in principle, staff go to meet patients as occasions arise.


As a university hospital with a dental school, we strive actively to use the specialty of dentistry for better intensive treatment.
In addition to exchanging information with on-site nursing staff members actively, we provide intervention as needed.