Centers & Services

Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine

The Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine was launched in January 2010 as the central facility to promote clinical and translational research strategically within the hospital. The Center was also designated as a Core Clinical Research Hospital by the related project of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in March, 2017. It is active as the center assuming the pivotal role in the project of translational and Clinical Research Core Centers.

Management System

The Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine act under strong leadership of the director (concurrent appointment with the Director of Hospital) and consists of nine sections: Planning and Management, Regenerative Medicine, Translational Research, Clinical Research, Clinical Trial Promotion, Department of Next Generation Medical Device Development, Human Resources Development, Data Manegement and Quality Audit.

Management Policy

Based on Okayama University Hospital’s basic philosophy, which is “to provide advanced medical care with kindness, and to cultivate excellent human resources,” the Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine seamlessly and strategically promotes clinical research, investigator-initiated clinical trials, and sponsor-initiated clinical trials in the hospital.

Challenges of Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine

  • Placing the Mid-West Japan Clinical Study Consortium at the center, we carry out high-quality clinical research on childhood diseases, rare diseases, and intractable diseases by creating a common standard operating procedure in the hospital network to function in the consortium as a “mega-hospital,” as well as by establishing a data management center to guarantee data reliability.
  • In preparation for the establishment of Okayama University Biobank (tentative name), we established the Bio-specimen Storage/ Biomarker Analysis Center. We advance clinical development of nanobio-targeted therapy seeds, such as new gene therapy and diagnosis and treatment of cancer using cancer vaccine and virus preparation, in the following latest facilities and contribute to medical care innovation: P2 room in Exploratory Drug Development Office where biological materials such as viruses are dealt with, a Clean room where cells to be given to patients are regulated, and a QC room in which the quality of the cell preparation and materials is controlled.
  • The Center promotes the implementation of investigator-initiated clinical trials of research seeds and medical care innovation in drug discovery to receive pharmaceutical approval. We also aim to found biotechnology-based businesses related to medical equipment.
  • The Center implements clinical research and trials in conformity to ICH-GCP and makes efforts to enhance its global competitiveness. We are working harder for the acquisition of international patents, participation in international joint clinical trials, and dispatching evidence to meet international standards.