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Liver Disease Medical Support Team

The Liver Disease Medical Support Team comprises various professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, the Medical Service of Medical Affairs Division, clinical trial coordinator, and liver transplantation coordinator. Okayama University Hospital, which is the core hospital for liver disease medical cooperation in Okayama Prefecture, serves in a central role as a core hospital. The Team runs Okayama Prefecture’s Liver Disease Consultation Center in cooperation with other professions. We have prepared a system for collaboration using sharing tools such as patient compliance instructions by pharmacists, in wards and outpatient clinics for patients who started interferon therapy at this hospital to be able to provide continued support smoothly. At the outpatient clinic for gastroenterology, nurses conduct face to face consultations before doctors’ examinations to achieve good therapeutic effects for patients who are undergoing anti-viral therapy.

Persons Eligible for Consultation

Liver disease patients, asymptomatic carriers, and their families

Consultation Contents

  • Specialized medical consultation related to liver diseases, such as viral hepatitis (type B, type C)
  • General consultation, such as the provision of information about specialized medical institutions

Reception Hours

At the consultation room, Liver Disease Consultation Center, clerical staff provide information about liver diseases.
Either we answer on site or a person in charge gets back to you later.
9:00-17:00 (except 12:00-13:00) from Monday to Friday (except holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)