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Locomotive Pain Clinic and Research Center

Locomotive Pain Clinic and Research Center (or Locomotive Center) is a center specialized to the treatment of pain in locomotive organs, which launched in May 2011. The aim was to share medical information related to painful diseases associated with locomotive organs, including rheumatic diseases, metabolic bone diseases, peripheral neuropathies, and spinal disorders, and to provide appropriate treatment for these situations, as well as to contribute the development of comprehensive education, basic and clinical research on pain, and the enrichment and development of regional medicine.

Management System

Members who support the Locomotive Center are members of Orthopaedic Surgery, Anesthesiology and Resuscitology, Rheumatology, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. They are specialists assembled under the aim of treating and studying “pain in locomotive organs.” Treatments for diseases of locomotive organs are composed of the following four central pillars, each of which requires a high level of expert knowledge: 1) Pharmacological therapy, 2) Surgical treatment, 3) Rehabilitation, and 4) Patient education. At the Locomotive Center, every division collaborates to undertake the treatment of patients and the management of the center to deliver patient-friendly medical care, and it leads the way to the development of better treatments as well.

Management Policy

The treatment for painful diseases of locomotive organs is based on medication therapy for primary diseases and physical and brace therapy. In addition, for pain that could not be improved by conservative treatment, we conduct treatment best suited for each patient through considering the surgical indication by orthopaedic surgeons, nerve blocks by anesthesiologists in the Pain Center, and pain control using pain-killing medication. To promote multidisciplinary treatment aimed to help patients live a “pain-free life” smoothly, we try to establish a combined outpatient clinic and conferences one-by-one, share knowledge, and in the future, to foster specialists for comprehensive painful diseases of locomotive organs. We enhance the function as a platform to address many problems, such as the clinical introduction and evaluation of new drugs, which are rapidly becoming available in recent years, as well as accumulation of information about side effects and evidences on perioperative management.