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Division of Medical Safety Management

Division of Medical Safety Management continues to strive at comprehensive improvement of hospital systems to achieve medical safety.
Through daily activities related to medical safety, we aim to maintain and endance "the mind of medical security" in all hospital staff members.

Management System

With the head of the division (concurrent appointment) as the central figure, the division is managed by 22 members: five full-time risk managers, two full-time clerical staff members, and staff members who serve also in other professional capacities.
We assign a staff member in charge of medical safety (risk manager) in each division; they engage in activities related to medical safety in mutual coordination.

Management Policy

As an advanced treatment hospital, each staff member is supposed to perform everyday medical treatment while assigning specific attention to providing a high level of medical care, particularly addressing patients, as well as providing safe medical care with no accident. The Division of Medical Safety Management collects information related to medical accidents and asks staff members to report cases in which no accident occurred, but which might include potentially dangerous incidents. We analyze those instances and their circumstances, clarify their causes, consider countermeasures, and propose concrete measures for the better managent system in this hospital. Opinions and feedback from all staff members are welcome.
We also improve medical safety by visiting each division in the hospital to discuss problems and the implementation of concrete measures, listening to opinions from on-site staff. We need cooperation from patients. We ask for your cooperation also with staff members to check your name and treatment contents. Additionally, we provide consultation on matters related to medical safety. Please feel free to consult us about anything you have noticed.