Centers & Services

Medical Support

Medical Support comprises the Clinical Examination, the Radiology, the Clinical Engineering, the General Rehabilitation, Clinical nutrition and the Dental sections. By centralizing medical technology staff members, we work on a cooperative system beyond occupational differences.

Ken Okada, Head of Medical Support

Management System

With Head, Vice-Head, Heads of the Clinical Examination, Radiology, Clinical Engineering, General Rehabilitation, Clinical nutrition section, Dental Hygienist section, and Dental Technician section as the central figures, about 230 staff members in the Medical Support, including the staff of Misasa Medical Center, support examinations, procedures, and treatment.

Management Policy

As expert medical technicians with national qualifications, we improve the quality of medical technology and establish a close cooperative system with clinical diagnosis and treatment divisions.

Goals of Medical Support

  • Seeking collaboration between the staff members of the Medical Support, we quickly provide sophisticated technology to the diagnosis and treatment divisions. (Provision of advanced medical care)
  • We assign importance to patients’ dignity and adopt a medical technology system particularly addressing patients, with high ethical standards. (Patient support)
  • To improve medical technology, we strengthen collaboration with regional medical institutions and take a leadership role as a core medical institution in the region. (Regional support)
  • We cooperate with education, guidance, and training for the Medical and the Dental Schools responding to the sophistication and the diversification of medical technology and for clinical technique training in educational institutions specialized in medical care. (Student Education)
  • We improve the efficiency and the effective resources and energy utilization in hospital management. (Hospital Management)

Main Testing Methods and Medical Facilities

  • Clinical Examination section: Services related to clinical laboratory examinations, including chemical tests, hematological tests, microbiological tests, immunological tests, physiological tests, blood transfusion tests, and pathology tests.
  • Radiology section: Services related to radiography, CT and MR imaging, interventional radiology(IR),radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine.
  • Clinical Engineering section: Services related to the management of medical supplies, and those related to central maintenance management of ME equipment and technical support in each treatment division.
  • General Rehabilitation section: Services related to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language-hearing therapy, and orthoptic treatment.
  • Clinical nutrition section: Services related to clinical nutrition.
  • Dental sections: Services related to dental hygiene and dental technique.