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Minimally Invasive Therapy Center

With the recent development of medical equipment, “body-friendly” minimally invasive surgery is becoming the mainstream of many surgical treatments. Endoscopic surgery, so-called laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery, first came to be applied to cholecystectomy and surgeries for benign diseases since the 1990s. Subsequently, it was extended to malignant diseases such as early stage cancer. As the safety and clinical benefits are shown, their application is extending to advanced cancer and more challenging surgeries.
Endoscopic surgery has great benefits for patients: small scars, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and early return to work and society. Okayama University Hospital established the Minimally Invasive Therapy Center (MIT Center) in April 2012 with the support of the 2011 “Second Okayama Prefecture Regional Medicine Regeneration Plan” to promote endoscopic surgery actively and to develop human resources capable of assuming responsibility for the technology. The Center is being managed through cooperation of staff dispatched from each clinical division in an organ cross-sectional manner.

Management System

Endoscopic surgery is a surgical technique that creates a space by inflating the coelom with carbon dioxide gas, inserts a scope into a surgical site, and performs an operation watching the monitor. Consequently there are constraints on vision and surgical instruments. It has great benefits for patients as “body-friendly surgery”, whereas operators have to master sophisticated techniques compared to conventional operations.
The Center provides a system capable of providing actual clinical training and education of the most advanced minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. It attracts and develops human resources from within and outside the prefecture to expand endoscopic surgical treatment. Additionally, we will produce highly skilled surgeons qualified by Japan Society of Endoscopic Surgery and actively increase the number of cases of endoscopic surgery at Okayama University Hospital, aiming also at the spread of minimally invasive endoscopic surgical treatment to regional medicine in Okayama Prefecture.
More specifically, we perform the state-of-the-art endoscopic surgery, including robotic surgery using a da Vinci Surgical System. We also provide facilities for training endoscopic surgery, including a surgical simulator, and hold seminars (for beginners, for intermediate level people, and for applicants for qualified skilled surgeon) three times a year to provide support for endoscopic surgery (technical guidance) continuously.
Through these activities, we aim to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and welfare in the region.

Activity Goals (Mission)

  • Creation and implementation of an endoscopic surgery training program
  • Development and management of an endoscopic surgery training center
  • Introducing guidance on endoscopic surgery and technical support in collaborative hospitals