Centers & Services

Division of Nuclear Medicine

The Division provides scintigram examination and radiotherapy using radioactive drugs. It also performs radiotherapy using small sealed sources.

Management System

  • Director: Susumu Kanazawa (Professor in Radiology)
  • Manager
  • Staff

The persons listed above undertake safety management of radioisotope. Doctors of related clinical divisions and departments practice nuclear medicine in cooperation with radiological technologists and nurses.

Management Policy

We put a medical environment with a rich sense of humanity into practice to try to provide and develop a high level of medical care. We also strive to support the safe use and management of radioisotopes.

Main Examinations and Medical Facilities

A wide range of examination and treatment is performed using radioisotopes (RI). We provide functional diagnosis of internal organs, such as brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney, and thyroid, as well as the evolution of tumors, prognostic prediction, diagnosis of metastases to bones and lymph nodes, and evaluation of therapeutic effects. We offer treatment using small sealed sources for the tongue, cervical, prostate, and other cancer, treatment using unsealed RI for Basedow’s disease and thyroid cancer (131I), pain treatment for painful bone metastasis (89Sr), internal radiotherapy treatment with radium 223, and radioimmunotherapy with 90Y for malignant lymphoma.