Centers & Services

Department of Nursing

We provide nursing according to the needs of our patients and their families with the slogan “Protect lives and support lives”. As a nurse at advanced treatment hospital in community medicine, it is important to collaborate with all kinds of occupations inside and outside the hospital.

Masako Munemiya, RN Director


Provide the highest-quality nursing service effectively, efficiently, ethically through empowerment.

Basic policy (2017-2019)

  • Maintaining a work environment that can grow as a professional as a person.
  • Quality assurance and evaluation in nursing.
  • Active participation in stable hospital management.
  • Contribution to local community by collaborating with community healthcare clinics.
    (International contribution)
  • Active participation in making strong hospital for disaster.

Team medicine

  • Perioperative Management Team
  • Diabetes Healthcare Team
  • Palliative Care Team
  • Pressure Ulcers Prevention Team
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  • Feeding and Swallowing Team
  • Nutrition Support Team
  • Delirium Team

Special Outpatient Service

  • Perioperative Management Center (Nursing)
  • Outpatient Ostomy Care Services
  • Outpatient Diabetes Management Services
  • Foot Care Services
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation services
  • Home Care Guidance for Kidney Disease Patients
  • Organ Transplantation Support Services