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Okayama Craniofacial Center

The Okayama Craniofacial Center was established for children with some deformity of the skull and face (including having asymmetry, contortion, or deformity such as flattened, small, and large heads or obviously abnormal facial appearance) to make the function and appearance satisfactory to the greatest extent possible.
These craniofacial disorders often develop at birth, with accompanying deformity of the skull and facial bones and the tissues of skin, fat, and muscle. Deformity of the head and face, which usually requires early surgery, is produced in infancy, sometimes causing a life-threatening condition, such as increased intracranial pressure, as well as developmental brain, respiratory, nutritional, visual, and hearing disorders. Additionally, it sometimes happens that the disorders change with growth and the deformity gradually progresses, or it entails harmful effects on function, such as eating and speaking after entering the growth period. Therefore, it is important to provide treatment at the appropriate time when necessary. Craniofacial disorders are diseases with widely diverse symptoms and facial appearance. These disorders have many different names (see the following “diseases subjected to”).

Features of Treatment at Our Hospital

Craniofacial disorders are rare. They require the involvement of a number of clinical divisions, including those related to the brain and face. Furthermore, they are diseases with very strong peculiarity. Therefore, they require a high degree of specialization for the treatment. In addition, the treatment must be provided not only by each clinical division, but also by a team of many clinical divisions with high specialty. Under these circumstances, hospitals that treat these diseases are extremely few in Japan. From the practical experience of highly advanced medical technology, our hospital has established a basis of comprehensive team medicine for the diseases. It can provide a high level of medical care according to the patient condition.

Okayama Craniofacial Center Outpatient Clinic as Team Medicine

The comprehensive team medicine in this hospital described above is designed for comprehensive medical care with the purpose of providing comprehensive treatment from prenatal diagnosis, birth to childhood, and to adolescence. For that reason, it is led mainly by Neurological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Orthodontics. However, numerous divisions, including Oral surgery, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics, Pediatric Dentistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Otorhinology, as well as specialists in craniofacial disorders of each division are involved in the treatment. Under this philosophy, Okayama University Hospital established the Okayama Craniofacial Center to use medical technology effectively for craniofacial disorders that the following each division has cultivated and make it available to patients. The Center’s outpatient clinic, located in the Neurological Surgery Outpatient Clinic, has a system by which people can receive consultation and diagnosis and treatment from full-time doctors and nurses and efficiently consult a doctor of related clinical divisions, centering on Neurological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Orthodontics.