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The Transplant Center

Organ transplantation is the only fundamental and radical treatment for patients with end-stage diseases for which other treatment options are no longer adequate. Okayama University Hospital is one of the few certified multi-organ transplant institutions in Japan, dealing with lung, heart, liver, kidney, and small intestine and other transplants. Among them, Organ Transplant Center at Okayama University Hospital was established in January 2011 as the first facility of its kind in Japan to specifically handle all aspects of transplantation surgery. The lung transplant is the largest centers in Japan, and the liver transplant is one of the largest centers in Japan. The comprehensive organ transplant center manages every aspect of transplants from planning of transplant options through to post-transplant care.

Management System

The Transplant Center has transplantation specialists of each internal organ. It has come into existence with the backing of each clinical division, the Clinical Laboratory, and the Division of Nursing, which support organ transplantation. Transplantation medicine is medical care that cannot exist without the support of the entire university, including the hospital.
The Transplant Center conducts intensive management and administration not only of the management and registration before transplantation, but also the management after transplantation. The Center also plays a central role in the examination whether appropriate transplantation medicine and postoperative management are provided or not.