Centers & Services

Perinatal Center

The Perinatal Center, opened in March 2008, is a facility specializing in the management and treatment of diseases of the perinatal period (pregnancy, delivery, puerperal mother and fetus, and newborn) and is designated as a regional perinatal medical center.

Management System

The Center has 23 beds for mothers and 18 beds for newborns (6 beds for NICU and 12 beds for critically ill newborns). Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics take a central role in the diagnosis and treatment of mother, fetus, and newborn in cooperation with related clinical divisions such as Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatrics Surgery, Pediatric Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Neurological Surgery, and Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center, according to the case.

Management Policy

There are many high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, including pregnant women with complications, fetal anomalies, premature and multiple birth, habitual abortion, and infertility, and newborns who need treatment immediately after birth. We manage the perinatal period carefully, closely collaborating with related divisions, and provide the best medical care after obtaining the consent of patients and their families.

Advanced Medical Technology

We perform prenatal diagnosis, including chromosome and gene diagnosis of fetuses by amniocentesis and cordocentesis and fetal anomalies by ultrasonography and MRI. Particularly, fetal cardiac ultrasonography is recognized as highly advanced medical technology. We provide diagnosis and treatment from prenatal diagnosis to postnatal management in collaboration with Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatric Cardiology, and Pediatric Surgery. Having the NICU in the Perinatal Center, we treat newborns, including premature infants, with various complications. We undertake noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and genetic counseling.
The Center also offers treatment for sterility and infertility, including in-vitro fertilization.