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Perioperative Management Center

The Perioperative Management Center (PERIO) was established in September 2008 ahead of other hospitals in Japan to provide a comfortable, safe, and secure environment efficiently before, during, and after surgery to those who undergo surgery at Okayama University Hospital.

Management System

The members supporting Perioperative Management Center are anesthesiologists, surgeons, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and clinical engineers. They are specialists who were assembled under the keyword of “surgery” and who manage the center through mutual collaboration. By March 2013, the Perioperative Management Center had dealt with 1,207 cases of respiratory surgery, 309 cases of esophagus surgery, and 17 cases of cervical esophagus and pharynx removal.

Management Policy

The Perioperative Management Center supports physical and mental preparation for surgery from the time when surgery is chosen in the outpatient setting. During and after surgery, it provides pain management and rehabilitation aimed at early recovery. We are aiming at perioperative management particularly addressing patients. Then we place importance on the patients’ awareness that “it is I personally who must climb the mountain in front of me called surgery.” Although we targeted patients who underwent respiratory surgery or esophagus surgery, we have come to address patients who receive head and neck surgery since April 2012. We plan to continue to expand surgical cases gradually to address growing demands for service.

Other Services

Because postoperative pain management influences the prognosis after surgery, we take a proactive stance. We make efforts to make days after surgery more comfortable by providing safe and effective pain relief with epidural analgesia and intravenous administration of narcotic drug according to the case.