Centers & Services

Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation includes important treatments to improve impaired function resulting from various causes, enabling patients to resume their daily life independently. It is medical care that is needed for all diseases.

Management System

The staff consists of 4 doctors (one professor, one assistant professor, and two medical staff members), 27 physical therapists, 7 occupational therapists, 4 speech therapists, and one nurse. The size of the staff has increased greatly since 2009. Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is located on the 4th floor in Advanced Medical Center West Wing and opened to new patients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, we accept emergency cases at any time. The annual number of patients treated is about 80,000, which extends to about 120,000 by the number of units.

Management Policy

We provide physical medicine and rehabilitation needed for patients’ examination and treatment and also perform medical education and research. The basis is to provide treatment to patients in a safe and appropriate manner. In an educational aspect, we are in charge of lectures and practical training in schools to foster health professionals (24 courses in 18 schools), including undergraduate medical students. In research, we undertake research on artificial muscles, body sway related to turnover, quantitative evaluation of the muscular strength, evidence of exercise therapy, and locomotive syndrome. We undertake medical care including rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, and electrophysiology.

Main Testing Methods and Medical Facilities

We have a great deal of examination and medical equipment: electromyograph (Keypoint; Medtronic), magnetic stimulator (MagLite; Dantec Dynamics AS), stabilometer (Gravicorder 11; Anima Corp.), CybexII,transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), hand-held dynamometer (self-made), toe dynamometer (self-made), automated external defibrillator (AED), Hubbard tank, Universal Trainer, bicycle ergo mater, upper limb ergo mater, pulse oximeter, chronaxie, electromyographic biofeedback, intermittent air pressure therapeutic apparatus (Medomer), simple test for evaluating hand function (STEF), BFO, balancer, fine pressure measurement equipment, a set of equipment related to artificial muscles, etc.

Advanced Medical Technology

Radiofrequency ablation for thoracic malignant tumors (The department of Radiology)