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Psychiatric Liaison Team

Our Psychiatric Liaison Team works to provide appropriate support for symptoms that hospitalized patients might experience such as sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and delirium, in “collaboration” with doctors in charge and nurses. In fact, liaison is a word meaning “collaboration” or “bridging.”
Members of Psychiatric Liaison Team are not only psychiatrists. They consist of professionals of multiple specializations, including a clinical nurse specialist for psychiatric nursing and clinical psychologists. One feature is the ability to provide team medicine using each of their specialties. In recent years, emphasis is being assigned to team medicine at medical sites. Multidisciplinary collaboration, not conventional doctors’ initiative, engenders higher-quality and safer medical care.

Description of Activities

  • Diagnosis and treatment for patients hospitalized in general wards related to their psychiatric conditions and psychological and social problems
  • Multidisciplinary examination of courses of treatment at conferences
  • Participation in various conferences (e.g., Palliative Care Conferences)
  • Holding workshops on delirium within and outside the hospital
  • Clinical research on delirium


The number of cases that our Psychiatric Liaison Team deals with is increasing year by year. The needs of psychiatric medical care in general wards are growing throughout Japan. In response, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare started a movement in April 2012 to make an evaluation when high-quality psychiatric medical care is provided to inpatients in general wards by multidisciplinary collaboration, such as psychiatrists, clinical nurse specialists, and clinical psychologists. About half of the patients seen by the Psychiatric Liaison Team have a disease called delirium. Delirium resembles an intense half-sleep state that gives rise to symptoms such as day-night reversal, inconsistent speech and behavior, and in some cases, hallucination and delusion. It is a disease that is often observed during the treatment of the body like immediately after surgery. It can happen to anybody. The Psychiatric Liaison Team assigns importance particularly to countermeasures for delirium. In collaboration with doctors in charge and nurses, we make delirium patients and families deepen their understanding of delirium before its onset, as well as taking preventive measures for delirium.