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Regional Outreach Office (Dental)

Okayama University Hospital established “Regional Outreach Office (Dental)” to contribute to the improvement of medical quality as well as patient services by enhancing medical collaboration with regional medical institutions and sharing the functions. Regional Outreach Office (Dental) performs the duty.

Main Services of Regional Outreach Office (Dental)

  • Acceptance of referred patients
  • Liaison and coordination with each clinical division in the hospital and the provision of information
  • Liaison and coordination with regional medical institutions and the provision of information
  • Management of information for referred patients

Features of Regional Outreach Office (Dental)

Regional dental outreach at this hospital is designed to give patients referred from regional medical institutions easier access to specialized medical care.
We offer two ways of referral to the hospital, “Patient referral to diagnosis and treatment,” and “Patient referral to imaging diagnosis,” and ensure provision of the referral patients’ course of treatment at the hospital and give the resultant information from regional medical institutions.
Referred patients must be treated at the referred regional medical institutions as soon as the treatment for the content of referral letters is completed, in principle.
However, this is not the case in which regional medical institutions wish to transfer patients to the hospital.