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Team Nexavar

Team Nexavar, launched in August 2010, consists of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists and undertakes multidisciplinary team activities to achieve the smooth introduction of Sorafenib (Nexavar ®) into treatment and the safe continuation of outpatient treatment. Continuing use of Sorafenib is important to treat hepatocellular carcinoma, but it has characteristic side effects such as skin manifestations, high blood pressure, and diarrhea. The Team assesses the patient’s status and manages to prevent dropout from the treatment schedules due to these side effects (particularly skin manifestations).

Description of Activities

In-hospital Medical Care Collaboration

Collaborative efforts include the following activities:

  • Drug administration guidance by pharmacists at the time of the introduction of hospitalization treatment
  • Monitoring side effects by ward nurses
  • Orientation at the time of discharge
  • Interviewing, taking photographs of skin manifestations and monitoring symptom by nurses and pharmacists before doctors’examinations
  • Consultation with doctors of the Department of Dermatology for skin manifestations.


We have a team meeting once every two months to improve sharing tools, share information about cases, collaborate with related departments, and report to academic societies.