Based on numerous cutting-edge research findings that are well-known internationally and have also been implemented in regional medical service, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences trains highly creative and self-sufficient researchers, leaders in research, education and medical care, and medical professionals with an ethical perspective based on expert knowledge and humane principles.
To achieve the cultivation of human resources, we established the following educational objectives:

1 To understand the needs of society and train researchers in the appropriate fields of medical care, research and education, which serve the public from the regional to the international level.
2 To promote interdisciplinary research and education by assembling professionals with knowledge in medicine, dentistry, and pharmaceutical sciences.
3 To promote the world-class original research and provide outlets for disseminating the research findings.
4 To teach students specialized and extensive knowledge and to encourage their problem-solving skills, which can be adapted to advance their research and practice.
5 To provide the opportunity to reeducate adult students and promote continuing education programs.