Principles and Goal///
Organization Chart
(1) Administrative Staff (2) Professors and Departments
(3) Director of Clinical Divisions (4) Number of Staff
(1) Graduate Students (2) Undergraduates
(3) Research Students (4) Graduates
(5) Number of Doctoral Degrees Conferred (Ph.D)
Number of Autopsies
Number of Books in Libraries
Scientific Research Grants
(1) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (2) Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants
(3) Grants from Outside the University
International Exchange
(1) Foreign Students (2) Exchange Agreements with Foreign Universities
Chronological Lists of Deans and Directors
Statistics Concerning Hospital
(1) Development in Number of Beds (2) Number of Patients at Each Clinical Division
(3) Number of Out-patients
(classified according to Prefectures)
(4) Number of In-patients
(classified according to Prefectures)
(5) Number of Patients (2004-2008) (6) Number of Clinical Laboratory Examinations
(7) Number of X-ray photography,
Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI,
Radionuclide imaging
Bone Densitometry Examination
(8) Number of (Surgical) Operations
(9) Number of Deliveries (10) Number of Pathological Autopsies
(11) Number of Transfusion (12) Number of Prescriptions
(13) Number of Diet (14) Material Prepared by Dentists, Technicians and Students in the Dental Laboratory
Designations of Medical Institutions
(1) Designations of Medical Institutions (2) Special Functioning Hospital
(3) Nursing Care (Medical, Dental) (4) Advanced Medical Treatment
(5) Summary of Recognitions as a Medical Institution by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (6) Summary of Designations by Law as a Medical Institution
(7) Summary of Medical Conditions Treated at Public Expenses
Campus and Buildings
(1) Campus (2) Shikata Campus
(3) Tsushima Campus (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (4) Misasa Medical Center
Campus Map
(1) Shikata Campus (2) Guide Map of University Hospital
(3) Tsushima Campus (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (4) Misasa Medical Center
Campus Location Within the City
Regional Map
Health Science Campus